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Front Page » 2013 » June (Page 9)

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County Mining For Gold Rock At Airport

The Miami-Dade Aviation Department is set to take off on a rock mining venture with the state at a former county airport site, but it's planning to alter the…

Credit Pipeline Open But Clogs Interfere

Although banking industry experts say the availability of credit has improved significantly in the past year, banks continue to deal with adapting to a changing regulatory environment that distracts…

Miamidade Looks To Cng Bus Fleet

Compressed natural gas might help motorists and government alike save significantly on transit expenses — and perhaps even significantly reduce harmful emissions. …

Miami Tops Nation In Luxury Car Sales

When it comes to luxury car and truck sales, market analysts say Miami is king.…

Bank Merger Wave On The Way

Local bankers say they are concerned about inevitable changes in the interest rate and the implementation of new minimum capital levels. More merger and acquisition activity is expected in…

Dont Touch Parking Meters State Told

Even though a Florida Department of Transportation-promoted bill to collect 50% of the revenue from parking meters along state-owned rights of way was killed because of a Sun Life…
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