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Front Page » 2011 » March (Page 14)

New Ceo For Jackson Hinging On Experience

One month before Jackson Memorial Hospital's financial river is forecast to run dry, Miami-Dade must charge a new president and CEO with leading the cash-strapped hospital into the next fiscal…

To Aid City New Downtown Miami Garage Sold In Bites

Less than a year after the Miami Parking Authority moved into its new $36 million Courthouse Center Garage, two pending office deals could shrink available space to just 1,200 square…

Dredging Of Polluted Miami River Tributaries Flows On Stream Of Funding Us Permit

As the City of Miami aggressively seeks out $20 million needed to dredge Wagner Creek and Seybold Canal, two heavily polluted Miami River tributaries, many of the project's details remain…

As Miamidade Consumer Spending Rebounds Gas Prices Could Be Spoiler

A potential spike in gas prices could erode year-over-year gains in Miami-Dade County taxable sales that signaled a return of consumer confidence, area economists say.…

Port Of Miami Tolls Balloon 67 After Finally Automating

Since switching to an automated tolling system, the Port of Miami has seen a 67% year-over-year increase in toll revenues.…
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