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Tuesday 1/5…

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Friday 1/1…

Innovative Airport City With Medical Theme Worthy Of Takeoff

A grandiose Airport City could become the rare public-private deal in Miami-Dade that's a win-win for all — taxpayers for once included.…

Shalley Jones Horn Runs Dade Development Department With Old Gaffes To Fix And New Stimulus Money To Spend

In her first year as director of Miami-Dade County's Department of Housing and Community Development, longtime Miamian Shalley Jones Horn has been cleaning up a mess she didn't make.…

Airport City Could Make Miami A Medical Tourism Hotspot

A proposed "Airport City" at Miami International could put Miami on the map as a medical destination, proponents hope. …

Watson Island Developer To Pay Rent Buy Another Month

The embattled luxury complex planned for Miami's Watson Island lives — for now. …

Coastal Construction We Never Heard From City About Impact Fees

For months, the City of Miami has said it is owed more than $317,000 in undercharged impact fees overdue since 2005.…

Iconic Colorshifting Downtown Tower Takes Miamis Name

Downtown's iconic 47-story color-changing office tower, one of Miami's most photographed buildings, is dropping a bank from its name for the first time in its 22 years.…

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