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Front Page » 2009 » June (Page 4)

Miamidade Race And Gender Study Could Open Way For Setasides

A lack of data showing the race and gender of contractors contributed to the court-ordered shutdown of Miami-Dade County's minority-based contracting program more than a decade ago.…

Trirail Service Drop Could Jeopardize Future Federal Funding For Florida Counties

Allowing Tri-Rail service to drop below federally mandated levels could not only put at risk the commuter rail line, but could also jeopardize future federal funding for the state and…

Miami Commissioners Look To Hold Nonprofit Movers Accountable In Sugar Hill Sale

It started as a charity project and ended in a potential fraud, leaving the City of Miami nearly $1 million in debt to the federal government.…

Misdemeanor Pleas Mark End To The Firm Miami Staffer Criminal Scheme Saga

Prosecution of a criminal scheme that may have cost the City of Miami tens of millions in project cost overruns has ended with no jail and light fines for the…

Miami Missing 337719 In Impact Fees As Statute Of Limitations Running Out

While the City of Miami faces deepening budget concerns, several area contractors are sitting on impact fees totaling more than $337,000 that have been due since 2005 — and time…

Port Of Miami Continues Move Toward Unitary Service Fee Commissioner Gimenez Questions Why

The Port of Miami is moving toward charging cruise lines a unitary service fee, a step port and cruise officials agree is the best course for business.…

Miami Hit With 1 Million Tab For Unauthorized Aids Facility Sale

A non-profit agency's unauthorized sale of a federally funded AIDS facility to a private company is costing the City of Miami nearly $1 million in a $4 million tab that…

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