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Front Page » 2009 » May (Page 6)

Tax Rebate Parade Omni Mall Seeks 7 Million Boost

Owners of the under-renovation Omni Mall want a $7 million tax rebate from the Omni's Community Redevelopment Agency but must first convince city commissioners the project will generate enough jobs…

Time Andmoney Short For New Jackson Ceo Eneida Roldan As She Seeks To Enlist Community Support For Troubled System

Jackson Health System, a community lifeline for 90-plus years, faces critical fiscal challenges. Government budgets are shrinking as the amount of charity care the health system provides grows — from…

County Admits Conning Voters On Transit Tax So Lets Kill It

Two months ago, Miami Today called for any county commissioner to admit subversion of our transit tax and initiate repeal. But realistically, we lamented, no one would step forward to…

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