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Front Page » 2008 (Page 136)

City Attorney Quashes Jungle Island Loan Funding

Miami's Omni Community Redevelopment Agency is off the hook for millions of dollars toward Jungle Island because attorneys ruled it illegal to use the agency's funding to pay off the…

Miami Eyes Vacant Sites For Park Use

In a city low on green space but lately flush with vacant private land as developers wait out the residential real estate slump, one Miami commissioner is suggesting empty lots…

Dade County Asks State To Fund 250 Million In Projects

Miami-Dade County wants the state to bankroll more than $250 million in local projects next year and provide the area some sort of break for helping to build a new…

City Of Miami Hiring Lawyer To Fight For Overtown Land Given By County

Miami plans to fight Miami-Dade County commissioners' recent moves to take back land given to the city, voting last week to spend $20,000 to hire an attorney.…

Countys Federal Agenda Bids For A Regional Hub For Homeland Security Metrorail Expansion Aid

The Department of Homeland Security should open a regional office in Miami-Dade County and fund operations to inspect ship hulls in the Port of Miami.…

Crosswinds Loss Wouldnt Kill Other Projects

Losing a residential project slated for Overtown would affect the delicate funding plans for Miami and Miami-Dade County's recently approved massive package of projects, city Chief Financial Officer Larry Spring…

Venture Capital Abundant For Good Products Pros Say

There's plenty of venture capital and angel funding in Miami-Dade County for entrepreneurs with the right product, experts say, but some products are more easily marketable than others. …

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